Raising a Mathematician Training Program 2019

A 7-day National-level residential camp will be conducted at Ram Ratna Vidyamandir, Uttan, Mumbai from 19th – 25th May 2019, in joint collaboration with Ram Ratna Vidya Mandir for students of 13 – 15 years who are exceptionally talented in Mathematics. For details, please go through the attached documents and fill out the form by clicking on the link.

RAM TP 2019 Flyer
Details about RAM TP 2019

Discrete Mathematics

Discrete Mathematics lays the foundations of Computer Science. The subject comprises of topics like Combinatorics, Probability, Graph Theory and Algorithms. In this course, the focus will be to create a solid foundation that will enable a student of Mathematics, Computer Science and other pure and applied Sciences, to raise their levels of knowledge and understanding so that they can benefit from courses offered by Universities like MIT, Stanford, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, and others.

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