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Vedic Mathematics' shorter, quicker and easy to remember techniques enable any student to do calculations faster than they would with conventional methods. Students of Vedic Mathematics dispel their fear of mathematics and gain a new-found confidence to work on any mathematical problem without apprehension.

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Raising a Mathematician Training Program 2017

A 6-day National-level residential camp will be conducted at Ram Ratna Vidyamandir, Uttan, Mumbai from 9th – 14th May 2017, in joint collaboration with Ram Ratna Vidya Mandir for students of 13 – 15 years who are exceptionally talented in Mathematics.


  • Expose the deeper concepts of Combinatorics, Algorithms, Proofs, Probability and Graph Theory to talented students who are keen on pursuing a career in Mathematics, Computer Science or allied areas.
  • Explore the link between Mathematics and Computer Science.
  • Provide them a platform to discover their potential and push their boundaries of thinking.


  • If a person cycles through on a hexagonal path filled with diagonals connecting all the vertices to each other, can he travel in such a way that he can pass through all the lines without retracing his steps, without going through the same path twice and return to the starting point?
  • What is the probability that two friends get the neighbouring seats in an airplane with X rows and Y columns, if there is a randomised allocation of seats?
  • What is the minimum number of colours required to colour the different states in the map of India such that no two neighbouring states share the same colour?

If these are questions that interest you, then this course is meant for you! Discrete Mathematics lays the foundations of Computer Science. The subject comprises of topics like Combinatorics, Probability, Graph Theory and Algorithms. Most of these topics are all around us staring at us all the while. Right from the cooking range in the kitchen to the software used at the workplace, from analyzing the answers in an online examination to analyzing different aspects in sports, from taking safety measures in road, rail and air transport to safety measures in pharmaceutical companies, we can see the play of algorithms everywhere. What most people fail to see is the use of Mathematical Thinking in developing powerful Algorithms. Most students of Computer Science can write programs to get a desired result. But how do we choose the most efficient program among them? How do we prove that a given algorithm is the most efficient one? To do this, one needs to be equipped with tools of Mathematics. In this course, the focus will be to create a solid foundation that will enable a student of Mathematics and Computer Science to raise their levels of knowledge and understanding so that they can benefit from courses offered by Universities like MIT, Stanford, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, and others.

Course Highlights

  • Hands on experience in problem-solving skills.
  • Deeper understanding of topics from Discrete Mathematics.
  • Group discussions and presentations.
  • Getting a grip on subtler aspects of Logic.

Key Topics

  • Permutations, Combinations, Probability, Graph Theory, Proofs, Boolean Algebra.
Skills Development:
  • Learning to question
  • Critical Thinking and Reasoning
  • Group discussion and peer-group learning
  • Rigour in writing proofs

Target Audience

This course is meant for those who are passionate about Mathematics and wish to pursue a career in Computer Science or Mathematics. Students of 11th & 12th grade and college students would benefit from the course. Bright students of 10th grade can also apply.

Registration And Fee

To register, make an online remittance in the below mentioned bank account and click on the link to register for the course. Registration on the link is mandatory. The course fee would be Rs. 5000/- per participant. Need-based scholarships available. The fee includes tuition fee and study material. More details on

Date, Venue & Timing

Tentative dates: 21st to 28th September 2017 (excluding Sunday)
Venue: Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Virugambakkam, Chennai.
Tentative Timing: 9:30 am to 3:30 pm (includes lectures and practice sessions)